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Cops: Woman nabbed in Macon craft-fair theft spree said stealing eases ‘mental pain’

A suspect in a shoplifting spree at the Mulberry Street Arts & Crafts Festival was nabbed by an alert vendor on March 31. The popular street fair attracts dozens of sellers and thousands of patrons each spring. The caper that played out there on that recent Sunday afternoon offered a glimpse into filching forays, and just how easy it can be for pilferers to go unnoticed. Though the 44-year-old Warner Robins woman arrested in this case was caught, by the time she was nabbed she had already stolen items from nine different vendors, a Bibb County sheriff’s report said. The merchandise, all told, was worth more than $900. About 3:30 that afternoon, a Morganton woman who runs the Refined Forest booth informed a sheriff’s deputy that the alleged thief had tried to steal some jewelry. The vendor then pointed out the suspect in the crowd. The suspect, according to the sheriff’s write-up, promptly ducked behind another booth. When the deputy caught up to the suspect, she was said to be holding a stolen wooden cutting board and wearing a stolen bracelet. At first, the Warner Robins woman said she hadn’t stolen anything. She agreed to let the sheriff’s deputy look in her backpack. “Upon opening the backpack,” the report said, “I observed several pieces of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings), leather goods, a T-shirt, and a dog leash.” The report went on to note that after she was handcuffed and charged with nine counts of shoplifting, the suspect “then took us to every booth that she had gotten the items from and admitted to stealing the items because it gave her relief from mental pain that she experiences.”

Dispatches: A woman on Pasadena Drive in Macon called the cops April 1 to report that her television was missing. She told a sheriff’s deputy that a friend had seen her husband sell the TV for crack cocaine. . . . A guy in an argument on Andrea Drive on April 3 in Macon was, according to a sheriff’s report, “armed with the leg of a chair.” . . . On March 28, a woman in her late 20s was at Academy Sports in Macon when she encountered an old friend. For whatever reason, the old friend, a 29-year-old woman, “started to mouth off to her,” a sheriff’s report said. The old friend then followed the woman home and, according to the report, “got a baseball bat and hit the front of her car and threw a drink on the car and drove off.”