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Thief snatches cellphone while teen is distracted by — what else? — Facebook

A close-up photo of police lights by night
A close-up photo of police lights by night

Recent reports of cellphone thefts involve, surprise, Facebook. But in different ways. An 18-year-old said he was standing outside a food mart at the corner of Rocky Creek Road and Houston Avenue the evening of March 24. The teen said he was, as a Bibb County sheriff’s report noted, “looking at Facebook” when one of the two guys he was with grabbed his Samsung Galaxy phone and bolted. Another phone-theft episode happened the next day a mile or so up Houston Avenue on Villa Crest Avenue. In that case, a 22-year-old woman said her ex-boyfriend took her phone and, as a sheriff’s write-up explained, “was refusing to return” it. The woman said she last saw him sprinting away toward the Pendleton Homes housing project. It wasn’t long before she spotted him again, though. The boyfriend, 19, was at Pendleton Homes “live broadcasting” on Facebook with her phone, the sheriff’s report said. He was last seen sprinting into some woods.

Dispatches: On March 2, a girl with a BB gun on Edna Place Road pinged a passing Dodge Ram pickup. The shot chipped the truck’s paint. The driver pulled over and called the cops. The girl’s age wasn’t noted in an incident report, but the write-up mentioned that an adult at the house where the girl was said the gun “went off on accident” and hit the truck. The driver said he didn’t want the child to get in trouble with the law. He just wanted to document the damage and hoped for “the juvenile female to get whooped.” . . . Earlier this month, a Putnam County man reported losing his wallet at a Macon Mayhem hockey game. “He couldn’t say what exact time that he lost it but knew it was during the game,” a sheriff’s report said. “He also stated that he wasn’t sure if someone reached into his pockets and took it.” . . . Odd thefts are nothing new in these parts. Around Thanksgiving in 1886, the Telegraph published a one-sentence blurb beneath the headline: “A Thief After Apple Pie.” The write-up began: “Early yesterday morning a thief entered the pantry of officer Allen Jones’s residence on Fourth Street, between Wharf and Walnut, and stole a small sack of flour and a paper bag full of apples.”