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Mystery of missing hoverboard, TVs solved after man spotted lugging stuff down street

One afternoon earlier this year, a woman who lives in a neighborhood behind Westgate Shopping Center in southwest Macon reported a break-in at her house on Greenwich Place. The woman, 61, said a side door had been kicked open and some of her belongings had been stolen, including a $300 hoverboard and a pair of 32-inch Samsung televisions. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy asked the woman if she had any idea who might have taken the stuff. She mentioned a man who lives nearby who had recently dropped by after years of not visiting. Neighbors told the deputy that a man matching that guy’s description had been seen walking down the street with a TV. A sheriff’s deputy went to the man’s house and asked if he knew anything about the televisions and other belongings taken from the woman’s house. “He advised that he did not,” the deputy’s write-up of the Jan. 7 encounter noted. Later, the woman got in touch with the deputy. She said her son-in-law had gone to the man’s house and told him they would not prosecute if he just gave her things back, which he did.

Dispatches: Another January burglary involved a man on Robert Henry Street in Macon, who reported that someone broke into his house and, among other things noted in a sheriff’s report, stole a purple No. 7 Louisiana State University jersey “he purchased specifically for a trip to the LSU and Alabama game.” . . . A woman on Kent Drive in Macon heard what she described as a “strange noise” in the middle of the night Feb. 28. In the morning, she noticed a hole in her ceiling and a bullet on the floor. . . . On March 15, a woman reported that someone had vandalized her tombstone — presumably one in a reserved burial plot. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy went to Cherry Blossom Memorial Gardens cemetery west of Lizella and inspected the woman’s gravestone and found disparaging remarks. In a report, the deputy noted that someone with a key or knife had “scratched on her side of the tombstone ‘trash/w----.’” The woman said “she does not know who would do this, and she does not have any enemies.”