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Georgia man wouldn’t give cops his name, but a tattoo on his forehead gave him away

These (not so) smooth criminals should stick to their day jobs

Sometimes the “perfect crime” doesn't quite play out as intended. Here are some criminals who could use some practice.
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Sometimes the “perfect crime” doesn't quite play out as intended. Here are some criminals who could use some practice.

Someone called in a complaint about a man begging for money and harassing customers outside a Dollar General store on Napier Avenue in Macon several weeks back. A Bibb County sheriff’s report of the Jan. 16 episode noted that the 23-year-old man said to have been begging told a cop that his name was “Dorris” and that he was born in August 1995. The man had a tattoo on his forehead with the initials “Z.O.A.” A sheriff’s deputy tried several times to confirm the man’s identity, but couldn’t. So the deputy sent the fellow on his way. Moments later, after the deputy typed the letter Z into a county jail database, one of the names that showed up had the same 1995 birth date the man had given the deputy. A while later, the deputy was dispatched to a call not far away about a man begging at the Heart of Georgia Board of Realtors on Vinevillle Avenue. A woman there said a man matching the description of the guy begging at Family Dollar had marched into her office. “She asked if he needed anything and he stated he needed money to catch a bus,” the deputy’s report said, adding that the woman gave him some money just to get rid of him. He was gone before the cops got there.

Dispatches: There was a report of a middle-of-the-night shoplifting at the Circle K mart on Northside Drive in north Macon on March 2. A 40-year-old woman was said to have gone in about 2:30 a.m. and asked to buy beer. The woman was told the store doesn’t sell beer after 2 a.m., but that apparently did not deter her. A sheriff’s report said the woman stepped over to the beer cooler, grabbed three bottles of Barefoot wine worth $25.65 “and stuffed them in her pants.” She was said to have then walked off without paying. A sheriff’s deputy found her outside, the report noted, “sitting in the back seat of her vehicle with the wine next to her.” She was jailed for theft. . . . A Macon man who had borrowed his sister’s 2003 Honda Civic left it running when he parked and ran inside to get something at his sister’s place on Leone Drive South in southwest Macon’s Village Green neighborhood the afternoon of March 1. According to a sheriff’s report, the man had been inside two or three minutes, but when he stepped back outside the car was gone. He later informed a sheriff’s deputy that at first he figured it was someone playing a joke. But when he called his sister and asked if she had driven away in the car, she said, “No, I thought you were in it.”

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