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Irate girlfriend dumps coffee creamer all over Macon man’s house

An unusual spat between a man and his girlfriend played out the evening of Jan. 27. The man, 59, told the cops that his 57-year-old girlfriend dropped by his place on Burton Avenue on Macon’s west side and, as a Bibb County sheriff’s report put it, “damaged some of his property.” The man led a sheriff’s deputy on a tour of the destruction, beginning at an SUV in his yard. “On the vehicle,” the deputy’s write-up began, “you could see flowers that had been pulled out of flower pots and put on the vehicle ... as well as old food.” Then the man showed the deputy his living room, where “what appeared to be coffee creamer” had been poured “all over” the room. In the man’s bedroom, the deputy saw more creamer dumped on the floor and in the man’s bed. The report didn’t mention what may have set the woman off. The boyfriend wanted to press charges, but he didn’t know enough about the woman to identify her.

Dispatches: A South Carolina man who was said to have been visiting a female friend on Hillcrest Avenue in Macon in the predawn hours of Jan. 29 attracted the attention of the police. The 32-year-old woman he was in town to see had called the cops because he was drunk and had damaged one of her windows. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy described the encounter, writing that “when I went through the house … (he) was laying in the floor naked. I told him to put on clothes, and we went outside to talk. When we got outside, he fell through the bannister on the porch because he was so intoxicated.” The man, 30, was jailed on a trespassing charge. . . . A Michigan man staying at the La Quinta Inn off Interstate 75 in north Macon on Jan. 13 told the cops that someone broke into his Ford F-150 pickup, stealing some tools and his dog’s medicine. . . . A man was arrested at Macy’s in Macon Mall on Jan. 25 and charged with shoplifting after the cops reportedly found, as a sheriff’s write-up noted, “multiple underwear in his pants and an extra pair of jeans that did not belong to him.”

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