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Wanted man arrested after asking to look for chicken in Macon supermarket’s trash

A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy was working a part-time job as a security man at a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in south Macon the evening of Jan. 15 when a customer in the deli asked one of the workers what kind of food he could get for $2. The customer, 59, described in a sheriff’s incident report as a homeless man, was reportedly told that he could buy two pieces of chicken “and that was it.” The man asked if he could have mashed potatoes as well, but was told that adding mashed potatoes would exceed his $2 budget so he left. Before leaving store property the man asked the off-duty deputy for permission to “get the chicken out of the trash,” the deputy’s write-up noted. “I advised him that he could not trespass in the back of the store where he was trying to get the chicken from once the trash gets taken out.” The man was told numerous times to leave but didn’t. The deputy soon learned the man was wanted for violating his probation in an entering-auto case and the man was taken to jail.

Dispatches: After arguing with a neighbor at the apartments where she lives on Williamson Road in southwest Macon the morning of Jan. 8, a woman noticed that someone had splattered two eggs and squirted mustard and ketchup on her Ford Fusion. . . . A 30-year-old woman who was apparently falling-down drunk at the Sprint Foods mart on Rocky Creek Road in south Macon the evening of Jan. 5 scraped her knee. She was, as a sheriff’s report put it, “clearly intoxicated.” She picked up a shirt that was for sale in the store and used it to stop the bleeding on her knee. “When I asked her to leave, she could barely walk,” a deputy’s write-up of the episode added. “I offered to take her home but due to the fact she’s intoxicated she was unable to provide directions.” She was taken to jail, the report went on, “for her own personal safety to let the alcohol wear off.” . . . A man was spotted pushing what was described as a shopping cart “full of some sort of meat” away from the Food Depot supermarket on Houston Road in south Macon the afternoon of Jan. 15. A store manager noticed the guy and asked to see the fellow’s receipt. The guy said no and kept walking and was gone before the cops arrived. His haul, it turned out, was a case of ox tails valued at $120.

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