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DUI suspect says he drank wine before crash. Then he made a bigger mess, cops say

A Putnam County man whose Dodge pickup crashed into a ditch and struck a utility pole on the southeast side of Eatonton one evening last month later admitted having had some wine before the wreck. The man, 74, was standing by his wrecked truck at the intersection of Old Milledgeville and Park roads after 5 p.m. on Dec. 8. “He had difficulty finding his driver’s license,” a sheriff’s report said. “The male was stumbling around and was swaying.” The man said he had been at his girlfriend’s house and “that he had drank a bottle of wine,” the sheriff’s write-up added. While he was standing there, the man, as the report put it, “defecated on himself” but “did not realize” that he had. He was arrested after a breath test deemed him one-and-a-half times the legal limit to drive. When arrested, the man said, “(Expletive) you! I know my rights. … Take me to jail!” He got his wish and also “stated that he had not defecated on himself.”

Dispatches: A Lizella woman reported that someone broke into her car at the Motel 6 on Harrison Road in west Macon on Dec. 15. According to a Bibb County sheriff’s write-up, she said she had forgotten to lock her doors and that someone stole, among other things, some “puffy earmuffs” and a Muppet Babies jacket. . . . A bullet that was likely fired during celebratory gunfire in the wee hours of Jan. 1 reportedly pierced the ceiling of a woman’s house on Plymouth Drive near Brookdale Avenue in Macon. The woman, 57, told the cops she was in bed when the bullet struck her shoulder. The bullet didn’t break her skin but it left her sore, a sheriff’s report noted. . . . A Bibb sheriff’s deputy caught a shoplifting suspect from the Quick Zip food mart on Jeffersonville Road Dec. 15. The suspect was said to be known for “disrupting” business there on several occasions. His most recent alleged haul: four Reese’s candy bars.

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