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Knives, wedding ring, Coach purse stolen in downtown Macon window-smashing spree

It was going on 7 a.m. in downtown Macon on a recent Friday morning. Windows at some businesses in the vicinity of Cherry and Third streets had, in the overnight hours, been smashed. According to a Bibb County sheriff’s report of the Nov. 2 episode, a young man was passed out and lying on the bed cover of a Chevy Silverado pickup parked nearby. The truck was running and the young man, 26, of Forsyth, was awakened by a sheriff’s deputy. The young man, the report noted, said he knew nothing of the busted windows and after paramedics examined him he was allowed to leave if someone drove him home. Among the busted windows were one at Spud Dogs, an eatery at Third and Cherry, which appeared to have been bashed in with an ashtray barrel. The owner of a nearby store said a Coach purse, a platinum wedding band and a set of four Henckels steak knives had been stolen when someone busted in. At Parish on Cherry, a restaurant, a manager said “metal chairs and a metal table had been picked up and thrown against the front of the business breaking three windows and damaging a heat lamp,” the report noted. Security-camera footage from the restaurant helped cops ID a suspect. You guessed it, the guy who had been passed out on the pickup. Cops later sought warrants for his arrest.

Dispatches: A man hunting in Evans County near Claxton was recently cited for hunting without a license. But, as a Department of Natural Resources news release noted, his arrest came only after he posted a picture on social media of himself holding the 10-point buck he was said to have illegally killed. . . . Game wardens investigating a Franklin County man late last month for hunting deer at night discovered no evidence of night hunting. But they did learn that the man allegedly shot and killed a female deer on a buck-only hunting day. The hunter said he knew the rules and admitted not following them. When game officials asked the man why he shot the doe, the man said, “Because I wanted to.”

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