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Ga. man dragged by SUV when guy he was selling marijuana speeds off without paying

Just after midnight in the wee hours of Nov. 7, Putnam County sheriff’s deputies were sent to check on a reported theft on North Steel Bridge Road. The item stolen? Marijuana. Word was that two men in a white SUV rode off with the weed that a 45-year-old man was about to sell them. The victim said his 1.5 grams of pot was “snatched” away by a passenger named “Mike” and that an “unknown driver” then sped off, a sheriff’s report said. The victim had “severe scratches all over his body where he attempted to hang on to the white SUV and the marijuana,” the sheriff’s write-up added. One of the deputies at the scene, which lies along the upper reaches of Lake Sinclair, eight or so miles southeast of Eatonton, asked the victim if “Mike” had ever dropped by. “Two or three times,” the victim said. “Just to visit.” When the victim was asked how he “came into possession of the marijuana,” the victim said someone gave it to him. A deputy inquired as to whether the victim wished to pursue charges against the pot thief. The victim, as the report put it, said he did not “due to his involvement in his illegal attempt to sell marijuana.”

A man and woman who looked like they were high “on some type of drug due to strange behavior” told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that they had been smoking weed, a Nov. 9 incident report noted. It was after 10 p.m. on Killarney Circle on the county’s south side and someone who lives at the house where they were said the man and woman were “causing a disturbance” because they were high on meth. The door frame of the house had been busted and so had the windshield of a car in the driveway. One of the car’s door handles had been torn off. The man said to be causing the ruckus, a 27-year-old from Twiggs County, was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge.

Dispatches: Overheard on Bibb sheriff’s radio the other day, word of a fender-bender at a Macon eatery: “Vehicle hit menu in drive-thru of Captain D’s.” . . . A most unusual damage-to-property report was filed by a Bibb sheriff’s deputy earlier this month. It seems a man who lives on Gwendale Drive in the Lizella area went outside the morning of Nov. 2 to get into his vehicle. The report doesn’t mention what kind of vehicle it was, just that there something strange on it. According to the deputy’s write-up, the man “saw what he suspected to be human fecal matter on his vehicle.” Upon washing the matter off, the man noticed a crack in the vehicle’s windshield. He “stated that he had no enemies,” the report noted, adding that “there are no suspects.”

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