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Hammer-attack victim says she was beaten all the way from Atlanta to Macon

Four women were returning to Macon from Atlanta in a van early one morning when a fight broke out. About 2:30 a.m., they pulled over in northwest Macon along Zebulon Road near its intersection with Forsyth Road. Bibb County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene and one of the women, whose forehead was bleeding, said that while they were traveling south two other women “began hitting her.” According to a sheriff’s report of the Aug. 24 episode, the victim “states that they assaulted her from the time they left Atlanta until they arrived” in Macon, adding that one of the attackers used a hammer. It wasn’t clear from the report whether the injured woman, who wasn’t seriously hurt, was beaten with a hammer for the duration of the trip. That would seem unlikely. The alleged hammer attacker, whose age was not noted, told the cops that “she did bring a hammer with her,” but that she didn’t hit the victim. The victim declined medical help and refused to press charges. What they were fighting about wasn’t mentioned.

A woman in a New York Jets hat was reportedly “loud and cussing” at the Burger King on Romeiser Road in west Macon the night of Oct. 3. The manager there showed a sheriff’s deputy a video of the woman and the deputy recognized her. The woman was known in the area and the deputy found her at a nearby motel. He took the woman back to the Burger King, where she was identified and told to stay away. The manager, according to the deputy’s write-up, said he didn’t want her stepping foot in “any Burger King in Macon.”

Dispatches: Someone broke into a Salvation Army food-storage building on Broadway in the middle of the night Sept. 28. A Bibb sheriff’s report said a section of siding was pulled off the back of the building and a freezer was left open. Frost and ice and condensation made collecting fingerprints impossible, the report noted. The only things missing from the freezer? Eight cases of Alaskan pollock fillets. . . . Two women suspected of shoplifting at the Victoria’s Secret store off Riverside Drive in north Macon the afternoon of Oct. 3 were said to have crammed $579 worth of merchandise into “large black purses.” The stolen items included four bottles of something called Tease lotion and eight bottles of Tease perfume.

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