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Her boyfriend’s ex sent her a text. Then she found something weird in her car

Early one summer morning, a young woman on Houston Avenue in south Macon was at her apartment when she began receiving text messages from her boyfriend’s ex. “Good morning,” one of the messages began. According to a Bibb County sheriff’s write-up of the late-July incident, another message that the ex-girlfriend sent prompted the young woman receiving the texts to go out and check her car. “When she did,” the sheriff’s report noted, “she discovered that there was a candy bar in the gas tank opening of her vehicle. She took a picture of the candy bar and removed it.” She then called the police. The sheriff’s report doesn’t mention what kind of candy it was but said the young woman wanted to press charges. A sheriff’s deputy noted that he explained to her that receiving a “good morning” text message “was not enough evidence to arrest someone.” She then told the deputy not to worry about checking for fingerprints and suggested that she would take care of the situation herself.

There was a strange shoplifting episode at Kroger on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in north Macon in late May. A woman in her 30s who was wearing a striped sun dress was in the self-checkout lane with a buggy full of groceries. She began scanning the items as if to pay for them but soon bolted without paying, pushing the cart with her as she dashed across the parking lot. According to a sheriff’s report, a store manager gave chase. As he closed in on her outside the Publix across the road, the woman ditched the buggy and ran. The Kroger manager pushed the cart back to the store where a supermarket employee made an interesting find. The thief, in her grocery-less getaway, left her wallet in the buggy. In the wallet was a bank card with her name on it. The store manager searched Facebook for the woman and found her. In her profile picture she was wearing the same sun dress. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

Dispatches: A woman who lives near Hartley Bridge Road in southern Bibb County ordered 180 Lyrica pain pills in early September, but they never arrived. When she reported the missing meds to a sheriff’s deputy, she seemed suspicious of the guy who delivered the pills the last time because, as she put it, he told her, “Oh, you get the good stuff.” . . . Game wardens in Bacon County, in south Georgia, recently cited two men after they admitted to hunting rabbits at night. . . . A few months back, a woman on Grenada Terrace in Macon informed the authorities that she had fallen asleep in her living room and that when she woke up some of her belongings were gone. According to a sheriff’s report, the mysteriously missing items included “two large straw, church-type hats” and her hearing aids.

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