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‘Blasting music’ and ‘young people’ prompt complaints, fear outside Macon movie theater

Shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday, a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy was called to the AmStar 16 movie theater on Zebulon Road in northwest Macon. A manager there said more than a dozen people were refusing to leave the parking lot. “The group of teenagers and young adults had been blasting their music from the cars to a volume level that can be heard inside the movie theater,” the deputy’s report said, adding that the noisemakers had been congregating there for the past month. The theater manager had “requested for them to turn down the music and to leave multiple times, but that they had refused,” the report said. “Several elderly customers complained that they were too afraid to go to their cars due to the noise and the presence of all the young people.” The deputy told the noisemakers that they were banned from the property. Six of them, young men in their late teens or early 20s from Warner Robins, Byron, Fort Valley and Jeffersonville, “took responsibility” for the disturbance and were given trespassing notices before leaving.

A shirtless 49-year-old man with a beer in his hand was seen hanging around a food mart and a barber shop at the corner of Montpelier and Pio Nono avenues Tuesday morning. A Bibb sheriff’s deputy told him to move along, that merchants didn’t want him there. The deputy also made the guy get rid of his beer. But less than an hour later, the guy returned with, as the deputy’s write-up noted, “a mostly full 24-ounce Icehouse beer” in hand. The man was still shirtless and “his pants were situated to where … a portion of his buttocks were exposed,” the deputy’s report added. A clerk at Fastee Foods said the loiterer “was drinking a beer and walking up to customers and giving them a hug without asking for consent.” The man was jailed on public intoxication, indecency and trespassing charges.

Dispatches: One day early last week, a woman who lives on Francis Drive, which runs below Allen Road on the east side of Houston Road on Macon’s south side, told the cops that her 59-year-old sister had been staying with her recently because her sister had been “getting kicked out of everywhere she stays.” The police got involved after a July 21 argument that reportedly involved the visiting sister trying to steal solution for a carpet-cleaning machine. The visiting sister, according to a sheriff’s report, said she didn’t think “it was that big of a deal.” Even so, she was told to leave, but according to the resident sister when the trouble-making sister took off 20 minutes later she stole a pearl necklace, bracelets and “some nice broaches.” . . . A boyfriend and girlfriend who live in an apartment off Chambers Road in west Macon told the cops on Monday that they’ve “been having problems with a female” who, as a sheriff’s report put it, “has been throwing eggs, mustard, slashing tires” and kicking the girlfriend’s car.

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