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Mystery to-go cup from Waffle House may not be key to solving a hotel break-in

Some men working on the old hotel that is being renovated on First Street in downtown Macon arrived at their job site Tuesday morning and noticed someone had broken in. Or rather, in the language of a Bibb County sheriff’s report, “made forced entry into the back door.” The job foreman looked around and, as the report added, “laid eyes on a large Waffle House cup” just inside the door near a stairwell. Something else also caught the foreman’s eye: a driver’s license, which was lying on the floor. A door that leads to the hotel kitchen was also busted, but nothing seemed to be missing. A sheriff’s deputy who handled the call picked up the cup and the driver’s license. The license belonged to a 23-year-old Warner Robins man. The deputy’s write-up listed the man as a suspect, but it didn’t mention whether the cops followed up on whether he was the culprit. The Waffle House cup, meanwhile, was taken to the county crime lab.

A woman who lives on Edgewood Avenue in Macon had just returned home from taking her father to work the morning of July 10 when she looked outside and saw something strange: an unknown man’s feet sticking out of her car. The woman, 29, later told a Bibb sheriff’s deputy that the guy had jimmied her car door open, rifled through the glove box and made off with a $25 tool set.

Dispatches: Three women did something ugly at Beauty World. The women were in the store on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon and after they left the afternoon of June 26, the store’s owner realized that a $60 blonde wig was missing. A sheriff’s report said surveillance footage from a security camera showed one of the women hiding the wig in a gold book bag and walking out. . . . A July 11 Bibb sheriff’s report said an employee at the Palm Tree Inn on Riverside Drive in Macon went to a room that was closed off from guests and walked in on a man pleasuring himself. The man, who wasn’t a guest, was given a trespassing notice. . . . Ever-alert Telegraph reporter Laura Corley, while listening in on Bibb sheriff’s radio chatter, recently heard a call about a woman who dialed 911 because an employee at a Macon wing eatery “threw her change at her.” Corley heard another call the same day about a woman worried about “a cat under her vehicle.”

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