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He sold a $200 pair of shoes to a guy in a Kroger parking lot. What could go wrong?

The crime scene was a Kroger parking lot on the Fourth of July. Two men, one from Warner Robins and the other from Macon, agreed to meet near the supermarket about midday. The guy from Warner Robins had a pair of shoes for sale. The guy in Macon agreed to buy them. A Bibb County sheriff’s report of the transaction does not mention what kind of shoes they were, just that they were red and they were sold for $200. The men met near the fuel pumps at the Hartley Bridge Road grocery store’s gas mart. The guy from Warner Robins later explained to the cops that he made it all the way back to Houston County before he realized the two $100 bills he had been handed were counterfeit. Surveillance footage of the encounter wasn’t much help to the cops because the men were too far away to identify. The suspect rode off in a gray Honda Civic.

When the police show up to help you, it is not often wise to greet them the way a Macon man reportedly did earlier this month. There was a case involving a break-in on Briarcliff Circle. A man who apparently owns the place, 64, was asked by a sheriff’s deputy, “What happened?” The deputy later noted in a report that the man, with a “bad attitude,” replied, “Crime and burglary.” The deputy inquired further, but the man was said to grow “more agitated and started having attitude with me,” the deputy’s report said. “I advised him to calm down.” It wasn’t clear why the man was upset, but the deputy noted that thieves made off with “a hot tub that is supposedly worth $5,000.”

Dispatches: A man on Blossfield Avenue near Macon’s Payne City neighborhood reported that on July 5 someone stole both batteries from his motorized wheelchair, which had been parked in his front yard. . . . About 2 a.m. on July 10, someone threw a rock and smashed a window at the Pizza Hut on Spring Street in Macon. . . . A woman on Smith Street in Macon called the law on her 28-year-old son after he, according to a sheriff’s report, “showed up to the family gathering for (the) Fourth of July drunk and started an altercation with everyone there and threw the whole table of food and flipped the table.”

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