Macon man rams Bibb patrol car, now jailed on assault charges

Maurice C. Parks
Maurice C. Parks

A 21-year-old Macon man, vowing he’d never go back to jail, is behind bars again.

Maurice Cortez Parks, 21, is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, fleeing from officers and ramming a sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car Saturday, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

About 10:50 a.m. Saturday, Parks’ ex-girlfriend showed up at the District 3 office of the sheriff’s office on Pio Nono Avenue.

Parks allegedly had tried to run the woman off the road when she was riding with a small child in someone else’s car near her parents’ home on Radio Drive, according to arrest warrants.

While she was telling her story, other deputies started chasing Parks, who was cruising by in his golden tan 2003 Chevrolet Impala.

He phoned his ex-girlfriend, who was reporting the alleged stalking.

Her parents later told investigators that Parks, who had lived with their daughter in an apartment on Mercer University Drive, continued to call her and go by her house and work after he was released from jail. He had been charged with aggravated battery stemming from a fight that injured the woman Aug. 2.

The repeated calls continued Saturday while he was running from deputies.

“I ain’t going to jail,” Parks told the woman, who played the cellphone conversation over the speaker as she was asking him to stop running.

“They gon’ have to kill me or something cuz I ain’t goin,’” the report quoted him saying, apparently not knowing a deputy was overhearing.

While continuing the chase, he indicated he would try to lose the deputies and head over to see friends and family in east Macon.

All the while on the phone, he professed his love, telling her he couldn’t live without her.

The woman became upset, the report stated, and asked Parks: “Then why did you break my hand?”

Parks replied: “That was your fault for fighting back.”

While criss-crossing town, Parks repeatedly acted like he was stopping a couple of times, but he took off again once deputies approached his car.

Parks ran speeds up to about 90 mph on Napier Avenue and up to 100 mph on Interstate 75.

While approaching mile marker 3 on Interstate 16, Parks appeared to have vehicle trouble and pulled over and stopped in the left lane.

Cpl. Darius Inzar parked his patrol car in front of the passenger side of Parks’ car and as a deputy approached with his gun drawn, Parks plowed into Inzar’s patrol car and got away.

Up the highway, his tire came apart and the Georgia State Patrol entered the chase as Parks pulled off on Exit 6 at Ocmulgee East Boulevard.

Parks jumped from the moving car and tried to run.

After fighting several officers, he was repeatedly tased before surrendering.

Parks told the arresting deputy that he ran because “he could not afford to go to jail because his son’s birthday was coming up.”

He was arrested at 11:20 a.m. Saturday.

Parks faces multiple charges including aggravated assault family violence, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer on duty, aggravated stalking and cruelty to children.