Gun found in Southwest High student’s fanny pack minutes before testing, officials say

An assistant principal at Southwest High School confiscated a gun from a student’s fanny pack Wednesday morning.

The gun was discovered while the school official was collecting personal items from students to prepare for retesting, according to the Bibb County School District.

When he collected the student’s fanny pack, he noticed that the weight of the bag “seemed unusual.”

After opening and searching the fanny pack, the assistant principal discovered the gun inside. The student was immediately isolated and campus police and parents were notified, according to the school district.

It is unclear if the student will face disciplinary action.

In a message to parents, Southwest High School Principal Dexter Martin asked to “please remind students that weapons will not be tolerated on school grounds.”

“The safety of our students and staff is one of our top priorities, and it is up to ALL Patriots to help keep our school safe. If anyone knows of a student with a weapon they should report it to a teacher or administrator immediately. Thank you for your support.”