Georgia man who took lawn mower on beer run arrested for DUI, sheriff’s report says

A Middle Georgia man drove his lawn mower on a beer run and was arrested for DUI, according to a Monroe County sheriff’s report.

A Monroe County sheriff’s deputy wheeled in behind a man about noon Thursday. He had just turned off U.S. 41 in the small town of Bolingbroke.

Deputy Jacob Justice, who was responding to a report of drunk driver, found a man wearing a gray T-shirt and blue jeans behind the wheel of an orange riding lawn mower. The man was at the intersection of Klopfer and Rivoli roads, just off the highway that runs between Interstate 75 and I-475.

Justice then pulled the man over.

“I immediately smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage,” he said in the report. The driver, Lonnie Derrell Spoon, said he had just driven to a nearby food mart and bought “several things,” namely beer. The deputy’s write-up went on to say that Spoon said he “drank one beer” about 9 that morning.

Spoon then showed the deputy his driver’s license, which was suspended, the report said.

After administering a series of sobriety tests, the report said, Justice read Spoon his rights and informed him that he was being arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Spoon, the deputy’s report said, “was confused on why I was reading (the) Miranda Warning to him. I then explained to him he could not operate any motor vehicle on the roadway … due to his suspended license.”

The episode, which was first reported in Wednesday’s edition of the Monroe County Reporter newspaper, ended when Spoon refused to take a breath test — and after a tow truck was called to haul away his lawn mower.

Asked about the deputy’s encounter with the lawn mower man, Monroe Sheriff Brad Freeman told The Telegraph, “We do see it all. ... But it’s something you don’t see too often.”