Arrests made after more than 2 dozen bullets fly in apartment shooting

Jatavius Williams, left, Jaylen Miller, right
Jatavius Williams, left, Jaylen Miller, right

Ballistics experts are examining 29 shell casings recovered from a drive-by shooting at a Milledgeville apartment complex.

Baldwin County sheriff’s deputies were called to Milledgeville Manor at 1498 South Jefferson St. where three vehicles and an apartment were hit by gunfire at about 3 a.m. Saturday, Capt. Brad King said.

“No injuries were reported. I assume they were shooting at somebody’s apartment or somebody who ran,” King said.

About 20 minutes before that shooting, bullets flew at the Jet Food Store on Irwinton Road and hit the building, King said.

Investigators are trying to determine whether there is a connection to the two shootings less than two miles apart.

Milledgeville police stopped a black Honda similar to one seen at Milledgeville Manor and recovered a gun and live rounds of ammunition of the same make and caliber as the shell casings found at the apartments, King said.

The men in the Honda, Jatavius Williams, 23, and Jaylen Miller, 21, both of Milledgeville, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the Milledgeville Manor shooting, King said.

Officers also were called Saturday evening to a home that had been hit by a bullet on Elbert Street, about one-third of a mile from the apartments.

“It’s possible that particular house was collateral damage,” King said.

The GBI is processing the vehicles hit by gunfire.

Additional charges are possible against Williams and Miller following ballistics testing of bullets and shell casings recovered as evidence.

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