Ex-Bibb deputy arrested, charged with aggravated stalking

Clayton Sutton
Clayton Sutton

A former Bibb County sheriff’s deputy was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Dodge County on an aggravated stalking charge.

Clayton Sutton, 35, of Eastman, is accused of violating a temporary restraining order/temporary protective order by allegedly having contact with his ex-wife to harass and/or intimidate her, according to an arrest warrant and an incident report.

Sutton was being held without bond in the Dodge County jail. A Macon attorney who represented him in an unsuccessful appeal of his firing from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached late Tuesday afternoon.

Gillian Sutton told a Dodge County sheriff’s deputy that Clayton Sutton had been texting her family members and her boyfriend in spite of a court order, according to Dodge County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

She told the deputy that Sutton feels like he can do whatever he wants to do and that makes her afraid for her life, the report said.

Gillian Sutton also told the deputy that Clayton Sutton was “blowing my phone up” when he took their children on an out-of-state trip earlier in July, the report said.

Sutton allegedly became violent upon his return from the trip after he found out that Gillian Sutton was seeing another man, according to the report.

Gillian Sutton also told the deputy that Clayton Sutton broke out a window and may have used a gun, based on the way that the glass broke and based on a small crack in the blinds, the report said.

She told the deputy that she feared for her life because of Clayton Sutton’s military background, saying he killed people during service in Afghanistan, and because he had showed aggression toward her. She also said his home was filled with guns.

Clayton Sutton was fired from the Bibb sheriff’s office in June 2014 for insubordination. He had been issued a written order not to perform any law enforcement functions while reassigned to administrative duty at the sheriff’s office’s training division. The reassignment was while the GBI investigated his conduct during a March 20 shooting that involved Sutton wounding a dog while chasing suspects.

Sutton violated the order by pursuing people he suspected of criminal activity and using his gun and handcuffs to detain them June 4. He was fired by the sheriff on June 6. A Bibb County Superior Court judge later upheld the firing.

Additionally Sutton came under heavy scrutiny in December 2012 when he shot and killed Sammie “Junebug” Davis Jr. in the Kroger parking lot on Pio Nono Avenue after Davis attacked him. Prosecutors ruled that Sutton acted in self-defense in shooting Davis.

Sutton was initially hired by Macon police in 2006. The agencies were consolidated in 2013. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office incident report did not indicate whether Sutton was employed when arrested Tuesday.

Telegraph archives were used in this report.