Father's kids hurt in crash as he ran from cops. Now he won't be there as they grow up

Rashawn Tomar Hamilton
Rashawn Tomar Hamilton

Three children were in the backseat of a Cordele man's car as he wrecked while running from Houston County sheriff's deputies last year.

Rashawn Tomar Hamilton, 32, was sentenced this week after his conviction on multiple charges from the crash July 7, 2017.

Houston County Superior Court Judge Katherine Lumsden sentenced Hamilton to 30 years with 15 to serve in prison for injuring his children, fleeing from officers and cruelty to children, according to a news release from the Houston County District Attorney's Office.

Hamilton's son suffered traumatic injuries to his spleen and pancreas when the Ford Crown Victoria hit two parked pickups on Wrasling Way and left the scene.

Deputy Reed Painter had pulled him over for driving about 300 feet in a center lane, but Hamilton sped off before Painter could talk to him.

Painter pursued him until realizing there were children in the car as Hamilton ran a stop sign at Houston Lake Road.

There was an active warrant out for his arrest at the time of the crash, and he was arrested about a month after the wreck.

"The lives and well being of this defendant's children will forever be impacted by his choice not to just pull over," chief assistant district attorney Erikka Williams stated in the release.