Parents wept as their daughter's accused killer appeared in court. He is their son.

Three days after their daughter was strangled to death, parents of a Macon teenager wept as their son was charged with felony murder.

Kevon Watkins is accused of choking to death his sister, 20-year-old Alexus Brenna Watkins, on Friday afternoon.

According to a Bibb County sheriff deputy’s report, the 16-year-old was still holding on to his sister when a deputy walked inside the bedroom of the house on Westmount Road about 5:30 p.m.

“I asked if he would come talk to me,” the deputy noted in the report. “Kevon then let her go, I then observed Alexus’ body go limp.”

The deputy tried to revive her with CPR and even tried to use AED pads to bring her back, the report said.

She died about 3 a.m. Saturday at the Medical Center, Navicent Health.

Investigators were still working to determine what the siblings were arguing about Lt. Sean DeFoe said.

On Monday, Kevon Watkins was taken from the Macon Regional Youth Detention Center to his first appearance hearing in front of Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms.

Watkins was represented by public defender Tamika Fluker, who talked quietly with the teen’s parents.

“Do you have any questions that you want to ask the judge?” Fluker asked the teen’s parents.

Latoya Watkins said she did and wiped away tears while approaching the judge.

“Why is my son being charged with felony murder?” she asked.

Simms told the mother that Alexus Watkins was killed “during the commission of a felony offense, that being aggravated assault.”

Latoya Watkins was quiet. Fluker assured her that this was “the beginning of the process” and that it would “take time.”

The judge agreed.

“On a personal level, I can’t give you any advice because I never been there and don’t want to be,” Simms said. “But you’re very early in the process, OK? You’ve got some good lawyers over there who are going to help y’all and we’ll see where this goes.”