Robber who squirted GameStop clerk with lighter fluid found guilty by judge

Derrick Dwayne Lamb
Derrick Dwayne Lamb

Derrick Dwayne Lamb was found guilty of armed robbery and aggravated assault Wednesday in the 2016 holdup of a GameStop store in west Macon.

Lamb, 25, waived his right to a jury trial, choosing instead to let Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Z. Simms rule on the case against him.

Evidence at Wednesday’s proceeding showed that Lamb, who is from Macon, went into the store on Presidential Parkway on June 30, 2016, and appeared to be shopping until he pulled a bottle of lighter fluid and squirted a clerk, according to a statement from the Bibb District Attorney’s Office.

Lamb demanded money and threatened to set the clerk on fire if the clerk didn’t fork over what Lamb wanted. The clerk gave Lamb money, and Lamb was caught sometime afterward.

Lamb, who could face life in prison, will be sentenced later.