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Laugh out loud at Hallelujah Girls

Dot Monahan, standing, and Lyssa May, rehearse a scene from Warner Robins Little Theatre's "The Hallelujah Girls.''
Dot Monahan, standing, and Lyssa May, rehearse a scene from Warner Robins Little Theatre's "The Hallelujah Girls.''

For five friends in fictional Eden Falls, Georgia, life turns topsy-turvy when one of the women decides to become a spa owner.

That is the premise of "Hallelujah Girls," a comedy being performed at Warner Robins Little Theatre that opens Friday.

"I've mainly done comedies here. That's my main shtick," said director Jerry Reppert, who has directed at least 20 plays for the theater and had parts in several others.

He chose the play because he enjoys the writers Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten. He has directed three other plays by the trio.

The writers also attracted Dot Monahan to the play.

Monahan plays Sugar Lee Thompkins, who decides to buy an old church building and convert it into a day spa.

She compares the play to being real life, with the laughs and the tragedies.

"They're genuine people," Monahan said.

Mavis Flowers, played by Jaloo Zelonis, is fed up with married life. She complains constantly about her husband.

"That man wouldn't notice if I brought home a pterodactyl," Mavis said.

Nita Mooney, played by Lyssa May, still has her 20-something-year-old son living off of her.

Carlene Travis, played by Katie Manning, has been through three husbands and has been nicknamed the black widow of Eden Falls.

Kookiest of all is Crystal Hart, played by Susan McRaney, who dresses up for every holiday -- including Groundhog Day and Chinese New Year. Crystal even makes up her own lyrics to Christmas songs for the occasion.

The antagonist of the play is Bunny Sutherland, who is played by Monica Nix. She is disliked by all of the women. A wealthy woman, Bunny wants to steal the spa away from Sugar Lee.

Her barbs to the other women are sharp as nails.

"You've got the body type that looks good in cheap clothes," Bunny tells Mavis.

The cast pulls off the lines to make the funny even funnier and the shockers even more shocking.

"I've just got a really good cast," Reppert said.

Where: Warner Robins Little Theatre, 502 S. Pleasant Hill Road, Warner Robins.

When: March 11-13 and 16-19. Evening performances start at 8 p.m., and Sunday matinees start at 2:30 p.m.

Cost: Tickets for adults are $16, tickets for students, senior citizens and active duty military with ID required are $14.

For more information: Call 929-4579 or visit