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Drop by for fun time that also honors and celebrates veterans in the midstate


Patricia Stanley Residence, a Warner Robins resident and a volunteer for IMPACT Center Georgia, talks about her group’s A Tribute Celebrating Veterans to be held at the Museum of Aviation.

Q: Why are you paying tribute to veterans at this time?

A: There’s not a bad time to celebrate and pay tribute to veterans in the light of all they’ve done for all of us — and not only to veterans themselves but their families, their spouses and children, who sacrifice as well. It’s always good to show appreciation and give honor where honor is due.

Q: Who’s invited?

A: It’s open to the public and all are invited to come honor our veterans and we certainly want veterans to come and identify themselves and receive honor. Children under 12 are free and we’re asking for a $5 ticket-donation for those older, just to help cover costs. It’s a family oriented event with lots of fun activities.

Q: Where and when? And what’s the actual event name?

A: It’s A Tribute Celebrating Veterans and will be Friday, Sept. 14 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Museum of Aviation in the Scott Auditorium. The museum is on Ga. 247 just south of Robins Air Force Base.

Q: How do people get tickets?

A: You can get advanced tickets at You can easily search A Tribute Celebrating Veterans Sept. 14. There’s information there about the event and a little about IMPACT Center Georgia. Early tickets help us plan, but you can get tickets at the door, too. But don’t let the $5 donation stop anyone from coming who needs to be there, and I’m especially talking about veterans. We want you to come.

Q: Will you describe what the evening will be like?

A: We’ll have refreshments and there’ll be live entertainment, a live band — The Lotus band — and other entertainment with lots of it patriotic-focused entertainment. We’ll have fun activities, raffles and giveaways, and plenty of things for families to do. And of course we’ll highlight and honor attending veterans, that’s central to the whole evening. We’ll have some surprises, too.

Q: What is the sponsoring organization?

A: It’s IMPACT Center Georgia, a volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for which I serve as CEO. I’m retired from the Houston County Board of Education. IMPACT is all about promoting a healthy community through innovative activities with a focus on discovering and developing the gifts and talents within our local community. Other things we do range from talent shows to etiquette classes to other ways to help children and adults be positive individuals contributing to a good, healthy community environment for all where there’s respect for one another and all are respected. So on Sept. 14 we’re taking our entertainment and talent side to show respect and honor our veterans — what better group to show respect to?

Q: Why do you feel that way?

A: We all benefit from the service of our veterans, from those who served years and years ago to those of recent service. And I know from personal experience the work and sacrifice they and their families have made.

Q: Personal experience?

A: My husband, for example. He served in wartime during Vietnam but you have to remember in peacetime there are also deployments all over the world. That’s time away from home and family, too. And that’s why we’re aware of veteran’s families and not just veterans themselves. Our veterans and their families have given a lot and this is just a way to give back and say thank you for your service. A bit of fun and tribute to what they’ve done.

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