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Perry City Council to vote on non-traditional church, increasing fees caps

The Perry City Council is holding a public zoning hearing Tuesday about a proposed facility off General Courtney Hodges Boulevard that would cater to disadvantaged people.

Dexter Davis applied to open the place, described as a nontraditional church, in a residential district at 400 Riley St., according to a report from the city’s Community Development Department.

“There are concerns about allowing an institutional use in a residential area. However, it is not expected to be large enough to negatively affect the surrounding properties,” the report states. “The immediate area on Riley Street has a residential character. As long as the facility does not stray from the residential character of the area, it should not be detrimental to the surroundings. ... It will not be a shelter where people stay all night.”

The proposed facility is located on a short road that parallels General Courtney Hodges Boulevard. At the location, meals will be served to the needy and offer faith-based counseling, according to the report.

In another matter, the City Council will consider increasing its cap on stormwater fees from $200 to $210, according to the proposed resolution. The $200 has been in place since the utility fee was adopted, but it is not listed on the current fee schedule, according to a memo from City Manager Lee Gilmour.

The council also is expected to choose one of three contractors to extend a water main under U.S. 41. The recommendation from the city is to accept the low bid of $35,770 from Fort Valley-based LaKay Enterprises.

A second reading of the city’s new sanitation ordinance also is expected Tuesday. The proposed ordinance change would remove the 5-foot limit on the length of tree branches and other yard debris to be picked up and instate a fee for bulk waste that’s larger than six cubic yards. The proposal also calls for limiting pickup of logs to those 6 inches in diameter or smaller.

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