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He got 15 years for lying in wait in attempted home invasion in Warner Robins

William Eubanks
William Eubanks

A Perry man was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in prison for his part in an attempted home invasion in Warner Robins nearly two years ago.

William Antonio Eubanks, 28, was also sentenced to five years on probation upon his release from prison by Houston County Superior Court Judge Katherine K. Lumsden.

Eubanks was sentenced after jurors found him guilty of criminal attempt to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He was the fourth person involved in the crime to be sentenced.

Here’s what happened that late night two years ago, according to a Houston County District Attorney’s Office news release:

On Oct. 12, 2016, co-defendant James Owens III rang the door bell of a Cornell Drive home and knocked on the door in an attempt to get someone in the house to open the door.

Eubanks, who was armed with handgun, and co-defendant Andrez Vasquez, who had a sawed-off shot gun, hid just out of sight. A husband and wife, along with their children, were inside the home.

The would-be robbers were seen on a home security monitor and police were summoned.

They were arrested after police spotted a gold Cadillac in the area that matched the description given in the attempted home invasion, police said.

A police dog alerted to a weapon during the traffic stop, and the shotgun and handgun were found inside the vehicle. The handgun was reported stolen from Bibb County, police said.

Vasquez and Owens previously were convicted for their roles in the crime. Vasquez received 10 years in prison, and Owens got 20 years. The getaway driver, Taylor Turner, was sentenced to 10 year in prison, but her sentencing is expected to reconsidered.

Prosecutors lauded Warner Robins police for the swift arrests.