Loaves & Fishes serves Middle Georgia by providing services to those in crisis

Editor’s Note: This is an occasional series featuring conversations with leaders of area non-profit organizations that provide a variety of services and support to many in the community.

Loaves & Fishes Ministry is a faith-based, Macon non-profit organization that provides supportive services to individuals and families living in short-term crisis in the Middle Georgia.

The main center for their services is the Jack Steppe Day Life Service Center at 651 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The Telegraph talked with Judy Sexton, director of day services, about Loaves & Fishes.

Q: How would you describe what your organization does to help the community?

A: We provide services to help both individuals and families who have had problems (to) stabilize their lives when times get tough. We also provide services such as showers, laundry, snacks, and lunches to people who are homeless.

Q: How long has the organization been serving the community and how many people work and/or volunteer there?

A: Loaves and Fishes is over 50 years old. We were formed in 1967 by two different agencies that decided to work together. We have a part-time person and two full-time staff members. We rely heavily on volunteers, and we use 8 to 10 volunteers daily.

Q: What is the newest or most unique program or service that you provide?

A: We provide showers and laundry for anyone who walks in the door and needs to use the facility. We also help provide financial aid for people who need (to get) Georgia IDs and birth certificates. In order to receive a Georgia ID, you need a birth certificate. And without a Georgia ID, you cannot get employment, you cannot get housing, you cannot get access to medical care, or access to benefits.

Q: Do you have an annual event or special community activity that our readers should know about?

A: We have an annual fundraiser called a Foodie fundraiser. We recruit sponsors and restaurants to donate 10% of their proceeds for the day to Loaves & Fishes. This year’s event will be on November 7. All a person has to do to take part is to eat out at one of the restaurants.

For more information about Loaves & Fishes, visit or contact them at 478-741-1007.

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