DA: Bibb deputies’ use of force justified in east Macon shooting

Bibb County’s district attorney said Tuesday that Bibb sheriff’s deputies did not act improperly when an alleged gang member with a history of combativeness was shot and wounded during an arrest in east Macon last year.

The announcement came after Kenyae Jermaine Brown, the man who was shot, was indicted earlier in the day on obstruction and a string of other charges in the incident.

Brown, 21, was outside a liquor store at the intersection of Emery Highway and Norris Street on June 19, 2014, when deputies encountered him while responding to a loitering complaint there.

Brown gave deputies his brother’s name, and the deputies tried to serve outstanding warrants on the brother, not realizing they had the wrong man.

In 2010, according to court records, Brown, said to be affiliated with the East Macon Mafia gang, struck a female corrections officer in the head with a chair.

In the incident last June, as he allegedly struggled with deputies, deputies used their Tasers on him. But after deputies subdued Brown, authorities say, while Brown was being handcuffed, he broke away and ran.

Deputy Patrick Robinson chased him and fired a warning shot into the air.

Robinson caught up with Brown, and when he did “Brown made a sudden movement with his hands,” District Attorney David Cooke said in a statement.

“At that moment, Deputy Robinson reasonably believed Brown was attempting to take his gun and posed an immediate threat to his safety.”

Robinson shot Brown once in the left arm. Brown then surrendered.

“Based on my review of the evidence ... and the report submitted by the GBI, no charges will be filed against the deputies for their use of force in subduing Mr. Brown,” Cooke said.

Sheriff David Davis has said Robinson no longer works for the sheriff’s office, but that his resignation was not related to the shooting.

Brown faces two counts of obstruction of an officer, three counts of street-gang charges, one count of giving false information and one count of escape.

In the 2010 incident where he was accused of hitting the corrections officer with the chair, Brown was charged with aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to serve between nine months and two years in a felony probation detention center.

The Telegraph archives contributed to this report.