‘Adoption is saving a dog.’ After nearly a year at a Perry animal shelter, Trip has a new home

Janit Plocki was about to head off on her vacation to the Philippines when her 13-year-old son, Colin, reminded her of a promise she had made to him.

Plocki had promised Colin that she would get him a dog to keep him company when she returned from vacation.

This promise led to the pair finding Trip, a forever friend at Friends of Perry Animal Shelter.

“I just wanted a dog to take care of. Adoption is saving a dog,” Colin said.

Trip had been at the shelter for about a year before Plocki and Colin adopted him.

Colin said he was warned that Trip was a super energetic dog, but he says that makes Trip the perfect companion to play fetch and tug of war with in the family’s yard.

At first glance, some people might not see Trip’s really sweet personality.

“At first (I was) scared because Trip didn’t look like a friendly dog. His mouth is so big and I (thought he was) going to bite me, but after a while I learned that he’s so friendly and he likes to be touched,” Plocki said.

She said the friendly, energetic dog has been a comfort and a great companion after the death of her husband. He husband died of a heart attack while she and her family were coming home from vacation.

Plocki said that she loves that Trip can keep her company and help her to cope with her loss.

“Having Trip makes me feel a little bit better,” said Plocki. “For me, I have (his) company to take away my pain and my sadness.”