Vote for your favorite fair food, team on Georgia’s new touchscreen voting machines

There is still time to head to the Georgia National Fair this week. If you go, you can get a sneak peek of the state’s new voting machines.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has a booth in the Georgia Grown building where visitors can test the machines by voting for their favorite fair food and favorite sports team.

The office is rolling out the latest version of touch-screen voting machines to every precinct in the state, according to their website.

The website states, “The new system has several added features that make it more secure.”

The new voting system built by Dominion Voting Systems features a large touchscreen tablet to cast your vote, which you can review before printing a paper ballot with a QR code.

The ballot is then placed through a scanner to record your vote.

The paper ballots are collected and can be used in case of an audit and the system is expected to help reduce cybersecurity risks because the machines are not connected to the internet, according to state employees at the fair.

The new system is scheduled to debut statewide in March 2020 for the presidential primaries.