Bibb Co. jail supervisors may face disciplinary action related to inmate suicide

Tour the Bibb County jail with Sheriff David Davis

A grand jury has recommended that the Bibb County jail be expanded, or replaced with a new facility.
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A grand jury has recommended that the Bibb County jail be expanded, or replaced with a new facility.

Two deputies on duty in February when a Bibb County jail inmate hanged himself in his isolation cell resigned before they could face “sanctions,” but their supervisors may still face disciplinary action, according to Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

Davis provided more information about the internal investigation into the death of William Elder Homan, 40, in an interview Thursday evening after The Telegraph obtained a copy of the investigation report earlier this week.

Davis said the investigation process started immediately after Homan’s death on Feb. 16. However, due to delays it was not fully completed before deputies Kaleb White and Geoffrey Osman resigned and took jobs at jails in nearby counties.

The investigative summary stated that the two deputies had failed to conduct required hourly cell block checks in the six hours before Homan’s death and then altered the logs.

Surveillance footage of the hours before Homan’s death showed the deputies failed to look in on Homan between 11:33 p.m. Friday and 5:35 a.m. Saturday, the report concluded.

Homan was discovered dead at about 6 a.m.

In an interview Wednesday, Davis said the deputies “doctored and did some stuff on the log books” that violated prison policy.

On Thursday, Davis said some of the deputies’ actions could have led to termination, but that the investigation was in the “adjudication stage” when the men resigned. He could not say exactly when the two deputies resigned.

“I can’t say that, you know, that they may have not thought that something was going to happen to them so they thought it might be best to go ahead and resign,” Davis said. “I can’t speak to people’s motivation as to why they might leave, but there would have been some sanctions brought forward in this case in their regard.”

The sheriff said in Thursday’s telephone interview that while White was “somewhat culpable” in the incident, he was not the one who made the revisions in the log book.

Davis also said the investigation is now in “the judgment stage” and that some supervisors still may be given “letters of counsel, not so much as reprimands.”

Crystal Wilson-Perez, a nurse who worked for Correct Health, which contracts at the jail, was fired for not following her company’s policy on “doing check-ups on inmates while they are in isolation,” the investigation also concluded.

Asked if he had reached out to Homan’s family to speak with them about the death now that the investigation is almost complete, Davis said he plans to at some point.

“This is a tragic circumstance (for the family and the loved ones,)” Davis said. “When somebody is in jail, they expect them to be cared for and not harmed in any way... so we send our condolences. We don’t want anybody to die in our jail.”

Telegraph reporter, Joe Kovac contributed to this report.