Family hopeful after Macon teen paralyzed in pool accident. Here’s how to help

A Macon family is asking for prayers and support for their 15-year-old son after he was paralyzed in a swimming pool accident.

Jared Jordan was at a pool on June 12 with a few friends when he dove into the water and hit his head, according to WGXA.

The Mount De Sales student was taken to an area hospital.

Tests revealed that the accident “left him with a C5 and C6 fracture,” according to a GoFundMe page. “His C5 was removed during surgery and he had a fusion from C4 to C6. He had no feeling or movement from the nipple line down.”

Although the injury left Jared paralyzed, he’s regaining sensation in his feet and hands, according to the Prayers for Jared Facebook page.

He’s now at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, a place he’ll call home for the next two months.

The family is hopeful that Jared will one day be able to walk again. They’re asking for community support as he begins his road to recovery.

For updates on Jared’s condition, you can join the Prayers for Jared group on Facebook.