This brewery is opening a new taproom in downtown Macon

Construction workers are preparing to pull brick off the building next to Bearfoot Tavern on Tuesday to get the building ready for Macon Beer Co.’s new taproom that plans to open around May.

Yash Patel, the owner of Macon Beer Company, said the taproom will feature a restaurant, beer garden and live entertainment.

“This will probably just be a really cool local place where people want to come and hang out. We’ll have local artists come in and do stuff on the walls,” Patel said.

He said the brewery needed more production space. The Oglethorpe Street location will remain a production brewery, and the new taproom will also have tanks in which they can make “crazy, funky” beers to try.

“We will have the majority of our taps as new, one-off beers that we make here exclusively for the taproom,” Patel said.

He said the restaurant will have a unique menu to differentiate from other places in town, and they will have lofts in the upstairs area.

He said the brewery will be hiring more people to staff the restaurant and taproom although he is not sure how many people they will need at this time.

They will maintain the integrity of the historical architecture in the building by keeping the tile ceiling and other features, Patel said.

“I think this building is one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Macon,” Patel said. “We really wanted to get this building and preserve it and restore it and bring it back to its former glory.”

Patel said he wants to continue to contribute to the beer scene in Macon and wants to be a part of the Second Street scene.

“I really want to make Macon a prominent beer town,” he said.