Macon Beer Co. gets naming rights to new beer garden at Luther Williams Field

Macon Bacon, Macon Beer Co. and Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia commemorative T-shirt.
Macon Bacon, Macon Beer Co. and Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia commemorative T-shirt. jvorhees@macon.com

When the Macon Bacon start playing at the newly renovated Luther Williams Field in June, it will be beside the Macon Beer Co. beer garden.

The beer company's naming rights to the beer garden was made public late afternoon Thursday at a gathering for supporters of the baseball team and the brewery.

The beer garden is expected to be "the Southeast's biggest beer garden," said Yash Patel, a 23-year-old local who bought the Macon Beer Co. in August.

"We have a huge heritage of great baseball teams and sports teams that we used to have in Macon, from the Macon Braves to Macon Whoopie," Patel said. "We're really excited to be part of that ... and actually bring baseball back to Macon."

The 2,000 square-foot beer garden will feature diverse and unique beers much like botanical gardens feature a diverse abundance of flowers, Patel said.

"If you're going there, you're going to get excellent beer and (an) exclusive beer that we're going to make for the Macon Bacon," Patel said. "It's not only going to be drinking excellent beer, but it's also going to be watching some excellent baseball."

Macon Bacon are also planning to educate youth about "being responsible and making the right choices" when it comes to alcohol through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia, Todd Pund, the team's president, said.

The team and the brewery bought 200 commemorative shirts that it will sell for $25 each to raise a total of $5,000 for the Boys and Girls Club. The nonprofit's president, Phillip Bryant, said the money will be used to pay for staff that will be hired to help the children write and produce videos about alcohol awareness.

The T-shirts may be purchased on Macon Bacon's website or in person at its administrative offices at Luther Williams Field.