‘Trial by Fire’ movie to be filmed at Bibb County jail

The movie “Trial by Fire” is set to film at the Bibb County jail late this month.
The movie “Trial by Fire” is set to film at the Bibb County jail late this month. breaking@macon.com

Scenes for a movie about a man who may have been unfairly convicted of killing his three children will be filmed in Macon.

“Trial by Fire” is scheduled to shoot at the Bibb County jail on Nov. 29, sheriff’s Lt. Randy Gonzalez confirmed Friday. The movie tells the story of a Texas man who was executed after evidence of his innocence was suppressed, according to IMDb.com.

The movie, which stars Laura Dern, Emily Meade and Jack O'Connell, will be in theaters in 2018. For now, no one is sure if any of the stars will be in town for the jail scene.

The crew will set up for filming at the jail on Nov. 28 and wrap up on Nov. 30.

Shooting will be in one of the jail blocks that’s about 20 cells long, and the area will be isolated from the rest of the jail blocks.

Sheriff David Davis said the filming wouldn’t create a burden — or security risk — on jail operations.

“We’ve gone over with the film crew the policies and rules of coming into a secure facility,” he said. “At no time will there be any inmates close to the filming.”

He added, “We were able to make accommodations for them by opening up a block. They’ll get in and do what they need to do.”

Davis said he didn’t know if there would be opportunities for deputies — or himself — during the filming.

Reminded of former Sheriff Ray Wilkes’ brief appearances when the movies “Wise Blood” and “Mr. Griffin and Me” were filmed in Macon, Davis quipped that such an opportunity was on his “bucket list.”

“I haven’t been in a movie yet,” he said.

Oby Brown contributed.

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