Macon women use ‘Girls’ Night Out’ to donate to the troops

The women of the Shirley Hills neighborhood in north Macon are turning their ladies nights from a fun, lighthearted get-together to a friendly gathering for a cause.

“This last time that we got together in October, I just felt like it needed to be a party with a purpose, and my good friend Mary Donovan’s husband was on the way to Jordan so we thought, ‘Hey let’s do something for Veterans Day,’ ” said Denny Jones, who organized the fundraiser.

The group of about 50 women were able to raise around $750, which they then distributed between 26 gift cards to be sent to the Georgia Army National Guard 648th Military Engagement Team overseas.

Donovan, whose husband is a member of the 648th MET, believes it’s important to show support for the troops who will not make it home for the holidays.

“I think this is a lovely thing to do to honor them,” said Donovan. “I think they’ll love the idea that we’ve reached out to them and are thinking about them.”

Jones also has family members in the service.

“My son is a Marine helicopter pilot and he has had three deployments to Afghanistan,” said Jones. “Standing in this very room I have watched his headlights leaving and wondered if I’ll ever see him again.”

Jones hopes that in the future they will be able to expand their group to include other community groups in Middle Georgia to make an even bigger impact.