Traffic signals, BB guns, vehicles and more up for auction in Warner Robins

More than 800 items ranging from vehicles to BB guns are up for grabs at the city of Warner Robins surplus auction Friday.

The city typically has an auction each fall, said Kim Demoonie, the city’s procurement manager, but didn’t have one last year because there weren’t enough items. That means this year’s auction is larger than usual, she said.

The list of 825 items to be sold includes many Ford Crown Victorias — most of which don’t run — old dump trucks, tractors and other assorted vehicles. No guarantees are given.

Anyone looking to outfit an office on a budget might do well to visit the auction. Many chairs, desks, shelves and filling cabinets will be featured.

Although most of the items are original city property, some of them are confiscated in criminal investigations or found and the owner never located. Among items are bar stools, jewelry, an Xbox 360, a Playstation 4, an iPad, money counters and a Ronald Reagan commemorative coin.

“You just never know what you might find out here,” she said.

Although Houston County tends to group items together to be sold as one at its surplus auction, the city is selling most of its items individually, at least to start with. Demoonie said some things that don’t sell may end up being grouped.

And people might be surprised what does sell. The auction includes many traffic signals, as well as the metal cabinets that hold the electronics for the signals. That might not seem like things anyone would have a use for, but Demoonie said they tend to sell well. Men like the signals as decorative items, and Demoonie said it’s not hard to wire the signals up to work. The signal cabinets are often converted into smokers.

The auction starts at 10 a.m. at 100 Bay Street, where it forks off South Pleasant Hill Road. Items can be previewed starting at 9 a.m. No previews will be given before then. Vehicles that run will be cranked, but cannot be test driven.

Most of the money raised from the auction goes back into the general fund, but some of it from confiscated items will go back to the police department to be used for law enforcement purposes. Some of it may also go to enterprise funds where the items originated, such as the city’s gas service.

Only cash or approved checks will be accepted for payment. Approved checks generally means for banks within about a 50 mile radius, although out of town checks may be approved with advanced request. People must register before bidding, and sales taxes apply to all items except vehicles.

A full list of auction items and other information on the auction can be found at the city’s website at wrga.gov. For more information call 478-302-5530.