‘It’s indescribable,’ Byron woman says of family’s experience on ‘Family Feud’

The Decker family of Byron on Family Feud.
The Decker family of Byron on Family Feud.

A Byron family is picking up some celebrity status on the TV game show “Family Feud.”

Laura Decker and her sons, Luke, Chris and D.J., and son-in-law, Adrian Lowe, won the game Wednesday and play again Thursday.

“It’s indescribable because the chances of being picked are so slim,” Laura Decker said.

The family auditioned in 2016 but didn’t make it. But they made the cut in April.

Although the Decker family didn’t win the Fast Money segment of the game aired Wednesday, there was a funny moment captured on film.

Laura Decker said she has a habit of needing to stand on the left of people she stands beside.

“I just feel more comfortable,” she said. “ So when my son and I went out to do Fast Money, I automatically went to Steve’s (Harvey, the game show host) right. But then realized, uh oh, for good luck, I’ve got to get over here to where I feel the most comfortable.

“And so I took my son and I pushed him over there. It was all in good gesture. Steve was looking at me and the audience like, ‘Is she crazy!’ ”

The show takes an hour to record, but only about 30 minutes of it is shown on TV, she said.

The most rewarding aspect of being on the show was family time and working together, Decker said.

“Family time – just the team effort – spending time with my family one on one,” Decker said. “We had a lot of family support come for the actual audience. Each family is entitled to 10 tickets to give to friends or family, and it was just, I can’t describe the bonding time.”

Her daughter Madison, a photographer, was among those in the audience and did a lot behind the scenes, including photography. Her other daughter, Lauryn, at 15, wasn’t old enough to be in the audience, but was an awesome supporter.

“The most exhilarating thing to me was when we won that game for that thing to turn over and show that you’ve won,” Decker said. “Just looking at each other. There’s nothing fake about it.”

The most challenging aspect was “trying to come up with an answer while you’re not sure what your family members are going to say and you hope you’re not thinking of their answers and then having to come up with another answer just in case.”

The final audition for the show took place on the morning of the actual taping.

“You do not know that you’re actually going to get to play a game until they finally say Decker vs .... You just do not know all day long.”

Decker described game show host Steve Harvey as “encouraging, humble — a good entertainer all the way around.”

“He stays out with the audience the entire time and entertains them. He’s not a host that goes to the back and has his little me-time while people sit and wait. Between commercials, between game shows, Steve is out there entertaining everybody,” Decker said.

Asked if she’d recommend appearing on a game show, Decker said, “Heck yeah, that one in particular. So many games are individual, but this is family; team building; family building.”

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