Houston County scores high among best places to raise a family in Georgia

Much like choosing a lifelong partner, choosing where to plant your family’s roots is a decision that should be approached carefully and tactically. Of course, aspects like weather and aesthetics of a place come to mind, but what factors are important in the long haul?

Getting to know a place requires substantial research. What are the schools like? Does the community share the same values as you do? Are there lots of children in the area? These factors and more can determine the kind of life you will build for years to come.

To help determine which places best suit family life, our data experts at FindTheHome crunched the numbers and came up with a Family Score (out of 100) for each county in Georgia. A high Family Score is based on a mixture of a number of factors: *A high average public school rating (based on standardized exams performance)

*Few vice establishments in the area (strip clubs, liquor stores, etc.)

*A high percentage of homeowners

*A low percentage of unemployed residents

*A high percentage of children and teenagers

*A well-educated community, measured by the percent attainment of a college degree

"We set out to determine the statistically best place for parents to raise a family, and when we talked to parents, the three things that repeatedly came up were education quality, a wholesome environment, and a community they'd fit into," said FindTheHome product manager Jamie Kent. "We evaluated 6 separate indicators to create a single index that helps identify the best places for raising a family."

In Georgia, the most family-friendly county is Forsyth County, with a Family Score of 90.0. In second place is Oconee County, with a Family Score of 89.6. In the midstate, Houston County scored the highest with an 80, followed by Monroe County (79.6) and Jones County (76.1).