Christmas greetings to the great and the small

Good tidings of great joy! Unto us is born a savior! Here are a few Christmas greetings and wishes for those near and far, great and small:

Billy Graham: A joyful 100th Christmas surrounded by family and secure in the love of the Jesus you have so faithfully proclaimed.

Franklin Graham: A size 18 shoe box filled with enough love to overcome your anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiments.

Pope Francis: Gumption to stick with your goal to reform the church, discipline all who were or are involved in predatory sexual practices and lead your cardinals to graciously receive remarried couples at the communion table.

Larry Schlesinger: A belated Hanukkah gift for this county commissioner and the rabbinic wisdom to resolve the enmity between the Cherry Blossom Board and the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Board.

Men: Respect for women and the humility to confess and repent for the sin of sexual harassment and exploitation.

U.S. Supreme Court: The smarts to know that the honorable art of commercial cake decorating is not protected speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Letter writers protesting Bill Cummings’ columns: Copies of two books: (1) “Disagreeing Without Assigning Your Opponent to Hell” and (2) “Defending the Faith Without Suffering a Panic Attack.”

The small church in Macon-Bibb County: Hope and faith. Keep on keeping on! There are very few megachurches and hundreds of small churches. All of you are beautiful.

The homeless on the banks of the Ocmulgee River: Softened hearts for the government officials who live in warm houses with full refrigerators and who intend to evict you in the Christmas season with the coldest months of winter ahead.

Delivery persons of The Telegraph: New tires and brakes for your vehicles and gratitude for your faithfulness.

Journalists in print, television or Internet: A dogged determination to cast your net deep and wide in the interest of finding, reporting and factually sharing the news with integrity. Only 13 percent of the population of the world enjoy a free press, the lowest number in 12 years. Freedom of the press is one of our greatest guarantees of our Constitution

Donald Trump: The realization that every American president has greeted this nation by saying “Merry Christmas” and that most Americans have far more important things to fret over than this artificially manufactured issue.

Middle Georgians of every faith background: Love, respect and friendship from the Christian faith community. In and through each faith perspective may everyone hear angels sing “Peace on earth and goodwill to all.”

Christians throughout the world: Peace in the certainty that what unites us in Christ is far more meaningful and significant than the doctrines and church arguments that divide us. May we stand in awe before the manger, bound together in the love and light that flows from Bethlehem.

Readers of The Telegraph: Thanks for reading and subscribing to The Telegraph and gratitude from this would-be columnist for your patience and encouragement. Merry Christmas!

Creede Hinshaw, a retired United Methodist pastor of 36 years, can be contacted at