AC Pup seeking food donations at his birthday party

Today is the day! Yes, today is the day I'm celebrating my seventh birthday, and I hope you'll come join me. I'll be serving cupcakes and sweet kisses today from 1-3 p.m. at the absolutely stunning campus of the Georgia Industrial Children's Home. It's in a gorgeous setting located at 4690 Mumford Road in Macon.

Speaking of sweet kisses, I'll be manning my kissing booth that I have at all my parties. Besides eating cupcakes, giving sugar in my kissing booth is my all-time favorite thing to do. I hope you'll come out and see me in action and let me give you a kiss.

My nonprofit animal advocacy group, Central Georgia CARES, will be there collecting donations of dog food, so if you happen to be able to bring some dog food with you, I sure would appreciate it. CARES helps feed needy and homeless pets and, in fact, has provided Meals on Wheels recipients with pet food so their beloved fur babies won't be hungry.

If you don't have time to stop at the store to pick some up, that's OK. We'll gladly accept contributions, and we'll go to the store ourselves to buy some food for the pets. I just want you to come to my party today!

On a different note, have you listened to the news lately? You can hardly go anywhere without hearing about mosquitoes. The Zika virus, which is caused by a mosquito bite, is front and center in the media.

I've been talking about mosquitoes forever and how they endanger the health of your pets. I'm referring to the mosquito that can cause heartworms in unprotected pets if they're bitten. I believe it's different from the Zika mosquito, but it's dangerous nonetheless.

If you've ever seen an animal suffer with heartworms, you would be dialing your local veterinarian's office right now to make an appointment for a test and preventive medicine. Unfortunately, heartworms are fatal in pets, and it's a terrible thing to watch.

Sadly, heartworms are prevalent in the South. Once a pet becomes infected, if the family chooses to treat him, that can be scary too. The treatment of heartworms can bring its own hazards as well and must be done under the careful supervision of the doctor.

The safest thing is to have your pet tested and put on preventive medications before he becomes infected. It's especially important to do so before the mosquito season breaks out in full force during the spring and summer.

There also are ways you can make your home less attractive to mosquitoes. Look around outside for anything that may collect water. For example, do you have saucers under potted plants, discarded tires or even something as small as bottle caps? Any place even a small amount of water can collect can be a haven for mosquitoes.

Also, there are pest control companies that will spray around your house to prevent most mosquitoes for a month at a time. I've heard that works really well. It might be worth checking out.

So get ready for the onslaught of mosquitoes in the upcoming season. Whether it's the Zika virus or heartworms, mosquitoes are simply a dangerous menace.

I'll help you get your mind off mosquitoes if you come to my birthday party today! Hope to see you at 1 p.m.

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