AC Pup wishes Middle Georgia a happy new year

ROBIN GATTI NEWBERN/SPECIAL TO THE TELEGRAPHAC Pup's wish for the new year is fewer lost pets in 2016.
ROBIN GATTI NEWBERN/SPECIAL TO THE TELEGRAPHAC Pup's wish for the new year is fewer lost pets in 2016.

Can you believe it's almost 2016? Where did the time go, for Pete's sake?

It really does seem like 2015 has flown by. We've had some truly wonderful times, and we've had our challenges this year. It's been a really terrific year and, as always, I'm glad to usher in the new year.

I get so excited about the possibilities the new year brings. I just bubble over with joy about what we can accomplish for the animals in our area in the upcoming year.

I also like the sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. We start each new year with a new palette that we can paint with whatever beautiful colors we choose. It's totally up to us.

If you're someone who makes New Year's resolutions, now would be the time to think about them. I have a ton of wishes for 2016 that I need your help to accomplish, and I'll share one with you now.

That wish is to have fewer lost pets in 2016, and it needs to start with New Year's Eve. You know what will happen on New Year's Eve. There will be fireworks. Lots of them.

Please make plans now to bring your furbabies inside, if at all possible. Please realize a fence will not hold them when they're so terrified from the scary sound of fireworks. They will climb, dig or destroy a fence to get away from the sound. And they'll run right through an invisible fence regardless of the shock they may get.

Bring them inside, and put them in a quiet room. It may also be helpful to let them listen to a television or radio to help block the sound of the fireworks.

If it's not possible to bring them inside, please stay outside with them until the noise subsides. You can reassure them that they're safe.

Start the new year with brand-spanking-new ID tags for your pets. Just head on out to the store and have shiny new tags made with your information so, in the event your baby gets away from you, the first person who finds her can get her back home to you.

And while you're at it, call your vet and make an appointment to have your pets microchipped. That's a safeguard that can't be lost since it's embedded in your pet.

If you have a pet that tends to wander or is an escape artist, like a beagle or husky, you may want to consider a GPS collar so you can track his whereabouts. There are several on the market to choose from.

I have lots of other wishes for the new year that I'll share in the upcoming weeks, but if we can keep beloved family pets from being lost, especially during New Year's Eve fireworks, I would be one happy boy. Happy New Year!

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