AC Pup salutes Linda Macon Brown

BOB BROWN/SPECIAL TO THE TELEGRAPHLinda Macon Brown has been a friend for many years to animals in need.
BOB BROWN/SPECIAL TO THE TELEGRAPHLinda Macon Brown has been a friend for many years to animals in need.

Have you ever known someone who can walk in a room full of people and make every single person feel loved, special and valued? Someone who can sense which person may be having a difficult time and needs extra attention and encouragement? And someone who shows genuine concern for others and is ready to offer a word of hope and inspiration at just the right time in just the right way?

I am blessed to know someone like that. And she is someone so sincerely humble that in spite of all the good she does for others, she never wants recognition or attention called to herself. Her name is Miss Linda Macon Brown.

Miss Linda is also an animal lover, rescuer and foster mom. She has fostered many homeless animals in need including a blind Jack Russell terrier named Jesse. She has helped my group, Central Georgia CARES, and me for years and participated in many of our activities and events. She’s been a very loyal supporter.

Now she’s getting ready to have an important event of her own. Monday will mark the end of Miss Linda’s 31-year career with Georgia Academy for the Blind.

Georgia Academy for the Blind is the wonderful school founded in 1852 on the beautiful Vineville Avenue campus in Macon. The school provides education and training for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.

Miss Linda actually began her fabulous professional life teaching special education in Andalusia, Alabama. Then we were lucky enough to have her come to Macon, where she’s shared her talents ever since with students typically experiencing more than one challenge.

In addition to her classroom work, Miss Linda would take students out in the community to gain valuable experience in various work sites. She was quite instrumental in the community-based vocational training to help students put their knowledge into practice acquiring important life skills.

Even as her career was winding down, she was still thinking of ways to help her students. So last year she started an afternoon program for senior girls that she hopes to continue participating in even after her retirement.

Although she’s officially retiring, she says she’s “rewiring” instead. That’s the Miss Linda I know. There will be no slowing down for her. She’ll be spending more time with her incredible grandchildren: Connor, Emma, John and Max.

And she’ll find a way to continue her ministry of helping others, including animals.

In fact, she’s already signed up to work in the Backpack Ministry at her beloved Forest Hills United Methodist Church. I’m hoping she’ll sign up to work with my group, CARES, too. She’s such a devoted worker that organizations everywhere will be scrambling to recruit her.

Miss Linda has touched so many lives and blessed so many by her very presence. I am one of the lucky ones to have had the privilege of knowing her and being inspired by her sunny disposition over the years.

And in typical Linda Macon Brown unassuming, humble fashion, she will help others through her retirement. You see, rather than have a huge retirement party complete with elaborate food, gifts and attention, Miss Linda has opted to designate donations to Central Georgia CARES to help animals in need.

Thank goodness Miss Linda is gearing up for her second wind to rewire. I have a feeling tons of others will be helped by her in the years ahead.

Always thinking of others in need, continually seeking ways to help animals and perpetually sharing the beauty of her servant’s heart -- that’s just who Miss Linda is. And speaking for homeless animals that will benefit from Miss Linda’s generous spirit, I offer a sincere word of grateful appreciation.

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