AC Pup applauds the kindness of others

There is never a dull moment working in the animal world. There is always so much to do and so many animals and people to help.

I spend my days providing education, helping look for lost pets or lost families, and promoting spay and neuter just to name a few. Of course, there are a gazillion other things I do daily, too. Some days I meet myself coming and going.

One of the great things about my line of work is interacting with people. I’ve met a lot of nice people over the years, and I am constantly amazed by their goodness and willingness to help animals in our area. This has never been more evident than in two recent cases of folks turning out to help in the past couple of weeks.

The first case came to my attention when a family from Florida passing through Macon and who were staying at the Quality Inn lost their beautiful neutered, declawed black-and-white tuxedo cat named Romeo. Somehow Romeo escaped the motel in the Riverside Drive area near Kmart. Five-year-old Romeo has spent his entire life indoors so he is probably afraid and hiding.

The family was so distraught that they stayed an extra day to search for Romeo before continuing their trip, but to no avail. So I put the word out to my Facebook friends, and people came from everywhere to help look for him. Of course, representatives from my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, showed up in force to search.

In addition to the people from CARES, representatives from the All About Animals rescue group also helped. All About Animals folks even spent a few nights in the area hoping to catch him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been found yet, but we continue to search.

The second case involved two dogs suffering unimaginable discomfort and almost total loss of fur as the result of horrible mange. Miss Lauren Young was notified of a dog with no fur that was in terrible pain. She responded to the area immediately and found a sight unlike any most people had ever seen before.

It was a medium-size dog lying in agony with no hair on his body and his bare skin folded into a trillion painful wrinkles. The sight was horrific, and the dog looked almost alien.

Miss Lauren put the word out on Facebook and, again, Good Samaritans turned out including CARES’ Becky Angelo and Buddy Pope. Mr. Jimmy Owens, who has helped many times before, also came to the scene.

Even more amazing, Atlanta-based rescue group You Lucky Dog offered to take the pitiful animal. Finding someone to accept an animal in need is probably the most difficult part of rescue work, and this one stepped forward in record time. But there’s more.

While the folks were tending to this poor bald dog, Mr. Jimmy found another one in the area in the same horrible condition. They had to be littermates.

Unbelievably, the rescue group also accepted the second dog without hesitation. It’s hard enough to find a safe place for one animal in need, but this group willingly and quickly accepted both, knowing they would be in need of expensive medical treatment.

Although they have a long road to recovery ahead, they are already developing baby fuzz where there was no hair before. They are working very hard to make progress so they may be available for adoption. If you’d like to help with their medical expense, go to PayPal and Please indicate you’d like to help Teller and Jillette.

In this day and age when we hear so many stories about bad things people do, it’s refreshing to know there are people out there who are eager to help search for lost pets or help animals in distress. Thank you to people with tender hearts toward animals. I am grateful for you.

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