The show and shots

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I’m sure you read in my column last week that it’s time to get your pet ready for spring by making sure his shots are all up to date. It’s an important way to make sure your fur baby stays healthy and avoids preventable disease like rabies, distemper and the dreaded parvo.

Even though annual vaccines are absolutely necessary they can sometimes cost a pretty penny. But I have a solution for you.

Because my animal group Central Georgia CARES wants to make sure the expense doesn’t stop you from getting your pet vaccinated, we’re offering a low cost vaccine clinic from 2-3:30 p.m. April 22. during the Museum of Arts and Sciences 62th annual Pet Show on the lovely campus of Coliseum Northside Hospital.

Once again, CARES is delighted to partner with the museum and Coliseum Northside for this fun event. The pet show has great activities for the kids including a petting zoo and a presentation by The Freedom Fidos.

The hours for the Pet Show will be from 2-4:30 o.m. on the front lawn of Coliseum Northside, located at 400 Charter Blvd. in Macon.

The discounts for the vaccines are terrific. Rabies for both dogs and cats are only $12 and while the distemper/parvo shot for dogs is $12. The other important FVRCP/FeLV shot for kitties that protects them from several scary diseases is $20. It would be hard to find cheaper prices anywhere so load up your babies and head to Coliseum Northside on April 22.

Just make sure your kitty comes in a carrier and your dog is on a leash and is wearing a non-slip collar. Please take my advice on the non-slip collar. I’ve seen too many dogs figure out how to escape a regular collar in the blink of an eye while leaving frantic parents holding an empty leash. If you’re not sure your dog has on a non-slip collar or you don’t know what one is run to the pet store and ask them to show you a martingale collar. You won’t be sorry.

CARES will also be collecting dog and cat food to share with animals in need. We give assistance to people who may be facing hard times and need a little help feeding their pets. The last thing anyone needs when they’re having a rough time is to worry about their fur baby being fed. So please bring a bag or two of dog and cat food with you so we can continue making sure no one goes hungry.

All my buddies from CARES and I are looking forward to seeing you and your fur babies at the vaccine clinic during the pet show. Rain would cancel the event but we’ll be ready with your shots if the sun is shining. See you then.

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