Just think about it as your set a trap or two

The temperature is dropping to crisp, invigorating levels. The sky is brilliant crystal clear blue. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. The wonderful fragrance is coming from fireplaces crackling from the first fires of the season.

It all adds up to one of my most favorite seasons of the year. It’s that time when you could watch football, baseball, rake leaves or go for a hay ride. Just the perfect time of the year and then it will be followed with glorious holidays.

But for however ideal this time is, it does come with things we need to think about. While one of the benefits of the cooler weather is that the snakes who have been so active this summer will soon be going into brumation. So copperheads, cotton mouths and rattlers will not be seen as much during the cooler weather and that’s a really good thing.

While we won’t see snakes as often during fall, we will see other things as the weather gets cooler. The colder it gets the more little critters will come into our homes.

No matter how clean you keep your home, don’t be surprised if you see a little fuzzy mouse looking for warmth and food. I don’t know many people who like having mice in their home but the little guys are hungry and cold.

It’s really important on how we decide to get the mice out of our houses. Since I’d prefer not to kill anything, there are humane traps where you could catch them and relocate them alive.

If you choose any other way besides a humane trap you need to take the safety of your own pet into consideration. If you use a mousetrap that springs shut please put it in a place where your dog or cat can’t reach. I’ve seen pets with the trap slammed shut on their noses or paws and that’s very painful.

An even scarier option many people use is rat poison. I’m sorry to say I deal with at least one family a year that loses its pet to rat poison. It seems the poison or pellets appeal to dogs and cats and they dive right into it. The outcome is never good and the grieving family is devastated.

Over the years the families whose pets have died from ingesting rat poison told me they never even thought about the dog getting into it or else they wouldn’t have used it. If you choose to use rat poison, which I wish you wouldn’t, please put it in an area where your pet cannot reach.

The other danger that happens during cooler weather is when people change the antifreeze in the car. Folks normally don’t give a second thought about spilling antifreeze on the ground or in the carport. But that stuff is very tasty to pets and extremely deadly.

If you change your antifreeze at home please look for brands that have a bittering agent added to make the flavor not appealing to animals. Or the really safe thing to do would be to take your car in to an auto shop and let a mechanic carefully handle this for you. And ask him to only use antifreeze with the bittering agent.

This is a wonderful time of the year. But please think about ways to prevent hazardous incidents that tend to happen during this season. We want everyone to stay safe.

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