Safety tips for spooky times

You may remember last week I shared with you about getting into the Halloween spirit with your best furry friend. The suggestion I made was to dress your lovable pet up in a costume, if he doesn’t object, well before Halloween take lots of photos and enjoy the time together, but leave him home on the actual night of Halloween.

You might have thought that to be a curious suggestion but there are reasons why I think that’s a good idea. Halloween is a load of fun for kids and sometimes even for parents. The thought of going door to door to collect yummy, delicious candy is just plain exciting.

But it’s also the time when many beloved pets escape the safety of their homes because there is so much activity. So many people encroaching on your dog or cat’s yard or space is unnerving for many animals. Not to mention people in scary outfits making crazy noises. It is no time for pets to be out no matter how well behaved they normally are.

I spend a lot of time trying to help people who’ve lost their pets one way or another and I hear recurring statements from the parents about their pets, “They’ve never left the yard before” or “They’ve never run through the invisible fence before.” While that may be true, on Halloween chances are your pet has never seen so many ghosts and goblins running his way screaming, making shrill noises and swinging buckets. It’s enough to make even the bravest dog or cat run for their lives.

So my strong suggestion is to keep your dog and cat inside the house. And keeping them just anywhere inside the house isn’t enough either. Because the exterior door is constantly opening to hand out goodies, the front door is an escape hazard for pets.

It’s safer to keep them inside the house in an interior room with the door closed. So if you can put them in a bedroom where they don’t have free run of the house and at risk of running out an open exterior door that would be ideal.

And while your making your fur baby comfy and safe in that interior room, consider turning on the television to Animal Planet to help block out the noise of the doorbell and the laughter of the goblins at the door. Or try some white noise to help calm your little guys down.

The other major hazard to pets this time of year is indulging in candy. Remember chocolate is deadly to pets so keep all candy and candy buckets out of the reach of anyone with fur. Instruct children to keep their stash away from pets and teach them why pets should not be given candy of any kind.

Chocolate is not the only danger though. Chewing gum, especially sugar free gum or any sugar free item, is dangerous to pets. And hard candy is a choking hazard since it can get stuck in your pet’s throats.

And don’t think your pet is not keeping a sharp eye on where you store your candy. When it comes to anything to eat your pet is watching your every move and just waiting for you to turn your back before he pounces on the treasures he’s not allowed to have. So keep any candy, chocolate or anything he shouldn’t have access to way up high beyond his reach. Please teach children to do the same.

I hope you and your pet have a wonderful and safe Halloween. Enjoy!

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