Sleep outside to help the homeless

Well, here we are at the most exciting weekend of the entire year for football fans. This is the weekend we’ve been waiting for. The Super Bowl is why we’ve watched games every Sunday for the past few months. And it’s even more thrilling because our own Atlanta Falcons have the chance to RISE UP! I am just beside myself with anticipation of the big game.

You probably already have your menu planned. There will be chips and dip and wings galore. Sunday is the day neither carbs nor calories count as fans snack and cheer all at the same time.

While you’re sitting in your plush recliner in the coziness of your warm home, watching your wide-screen TV and the play-by-play of the game that will be talked about for weeks to come, enjoying endless, abundant food and drink and having access to every creature comfort you could possibly desire, I’d like to ask you to look around and take a minute to absorb how truly blessed you are. You have everything you need not only for your comfort and security but also for your entertainment and pleasure.

Did you know there are tons of people right here in Macon who have none of those luxuries? In fact, there are people in our own town who not only don’t have a plush recliner or a wide-screen TV or abundant food. They don’t even have a bed to lie down in or a bathroom where they can take care of their basic needs.

They are homeless. They are among us. And they need us.

So what can you do to help? Plan to participate in the 2017 Greater Macon Sleepout to benefit the homeless. Daybreak, the wonderful organization in Macon that offers the homeless a meal and a place to shower, do their laundry and even receive medical attention, is hosting their annual fundraiser Feb. 23 from dusk until dawn.

That’s when people from all over who have a heart for helping the homeless will converge at Daybreak on Walnut Street with their tents, sleeping bags, blankets and layers of clothes. They will come prepared to spend the night, just one night, outside to help those who spend every night of their lives under the stars during every season of the year.

You can participate as an individual or you can create a team with a group of friends with your church, your co-workers or your family. You can spend the night chatting around the fire pits, all while you’re helping others.

If you’re not able to spend the night at the Sleepout please consider making a donation to Daybreak at 174 Walnut Street, Macon, GA 31201. Your contribution can help them continue to offer much needed services to our homeless. If you need more information please call 478-216-9119.

Helping the homeless is near and dear to my heart. You see I started out being homeless not knowing where my next meal would come from, not knowing if I would be safe and not knowing if anyone really cared. That’s a scary place to be.

Here’s our chance to show we care. Help our homeless know we care. They need to know we really care. See you at the Sleepout.

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