A Christmas wish list for all

It’s hard to believe it’s really Christmas Eve already. All the preparations, decorating, shopping and wrapping are done, unless, of course, you’re a last minute shopper, in which case you’re bracing yourself for frenzied crowds and crazy traffic Saturday.

Now we’re looking forward to sweet gatherings with family and sacred church services celebrating the birth of Christ. After all, that’s what this season is all about.

It’s also Santa’s big night. I hope he’s seen what a good boy I’ve been all year, with just an exception or two, and I’m praying I made it on his nice list instead of the naughty one. I’m going to bed early so Santa will know the coast is clear to come on by my house.

This is such a magical time. It’s a time I think about my blessings and my Christmas wishes for others. So I’ll share some with you.

I wish we’ll realize how fragile life is and that it can change in the blink of an eye. Then we’ll understand the most valuable gift is the gift of being surrounded by those we love. I wish that for you.

I wish we will exhibit tender hearts towards living creatures in need. I wish we will take time to be sensitive to someone else’s suffering whether it’s a person or an animal and realize we may have it within our power to help relieve their pain.

I wish for us all to be filled with so much compassion and kindness that we’ll reach out to help those who are lost, scared, hungry or homeless. I wish we’d understand that kindness is contagious and the more compassionate we are the more wonderful our community will be.

I wish we would understand every person and animal has the same desire to live, to love, to belong and to be safe. This is especially true for homeless pets as they endure a daily struggle for sheer survival. So I would wish those who have yet to find their place in this world would not be invisible to those who have.

I wish for us the gift of intolerance of the mistreatment of precious animals who are vulnerable and are harmed at the hand of people they trusted. While gentleness is a wonderful virtue, so is exhibiting strength to take a firm stand in defense of those who cannot protect themselves. So I wish our community will be known for not tolerating cruelty.

For those animals that have been harmed, I wish for a second chance at love because an animal’s capacity to love is only exceeded by its eagerness to forgive. We are always ready to offer pardon.

I wish every person who has ever experienced the love of a pet will understand the critical need of promoting spaying and neutering as the most effective, humane and logical way to prevent unwanted animals. I wish every animal lover who is able will sponsor a spay or neuter.

Finally, I wish everyone will commit to regularly doing something in 2017 to relieve the suffering of others, particularly animals, who need help, understanding and mercy. Everyone can do something. Everyone should do something.

So on behalf of my animal group, Central Georgia CARES, I wish you a blessed, sacred Merry Christmas.

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