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It’s time for end-of-the-season landscaping chores

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▪ It’s time to cover all patio, pool and deck furniture. Remove cushions and store them in a dry location.

▪ Now is the time to turn off all irrigation and winterize the system. If you need assistance, contact me.

▪ It’s also time to check gas-powered equipment. We are fast approaching the final days for cutting grass. Do maintenance work as required, and be sure to add gas conditioner to the gas tanks in all equipment after their last use for the year.

▪ Tulips should be planted in the garden now. Plant tulips in outdoor containers, too! I saw them on sale at one of the home improvement stores this week.

▪ Check your local garden center for great “end of the season” deals on plants, bulbs, lawn equipment and containers. I saw Japanese maples on sale this week for half price. Wow!

▪ Remove leaves that have fallen onto shrubs. Use a leaf rake and rake gently.

▪ This year, add some holiday lights to the garden. Buy strings of multi-colored or white lights and wrap them around a deck banister, an arbor or pergola, install them high up crisscrossing a patio or wrap them around a small tree. Use LED lights only. Check out the new LED lights changing colors with different effects. Too cool!

▪ I hate to say it, but for the best selections of holiday ribbons, ornaments and decorations, buy now.

▪ It’s still not too late to plant “Paper White” narcissus bulbs for Christmas blooms.

▪ Add some winter color to your landscape with camellias. These evergreen shrubs are blooming now through March. If you see a variety that strikes your fancy, buy it. Some camellias like shade, others do well with more sun, and some can grow very large, so check the labels. Prune camellias after they bloom.

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